Ø  WP1:

        1.1.1: Assesment of existing similar curricula

        1.1.2:Identification of potential elemnts to be involved in the teaching and training activities

        1.2.1:assessment on accreditation procedures

Ø  WP2:

        2.1.1  Design of the Master programme from inputs of the assessment study

        2.2.1: accreditation of the new Master program

        2.3.1: Design and implementation of teaching and training materials

        2.3.2: Training of the PC teaching staff by workshops

        2.3.3:Training of PC teaching staff by webinars

        2.3.4:  create a list of equipments for each PC university

         2.3.5: Selections of students

        2.4.1: Courses implementation

        2.4.2: Students internship in EU labs

        2.4.3: Students internship in PC Universities and companies

        2.4.4: Master thesis

Ø  WP3:

        3.1.1: Collection of quality guidelines both in PC and EU Universities

        3.1.2: Design and definition of quality indicators

        3.1.3: Design of the quality handbook

        3.2.1: Definition of the Quality strategy roadmap according to Quality handbook guidelines

        3.2.2: Consultation with all partners to check the adequacy of the proposed quality procedures with internal ones

        3.2.3: Internal feedback report on teaching material

         3.2.4: External feedback report on teaching material

        3.2.5: collection of feedback from the students

        3.2.6: collection of feedback from stackholders

Ø  WP4:

        4.1.1:  Design, realization and uploading of the project web site

        4.1.2: day by day maintenance and updating of the website provided information

        4.2.1:  Design of the dissemination materials for information days

        4.2.2: Design of the dissemination materials for the closing session

        4.2.3: Design and realisation of the report

         4.3.1: Information day events

        4.3.2: Closing session for results dissemination

Ø  WP5:

        5.1.1: Day by day monitoring

        5.1.2:  semestrial video phone call

         5.2.1: Kick off  meeting

         5.2.3: Project Management Board meeting

        5.2.4:  Field monitoring visit


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