Third Project Management Board Meeting

March 26 and 27

University Of Balamand, Main Campus, El Koura, Lebanon



The objectives of the third and last PMB meeting are:

- Questionnaires Results’ Processing and Interpretation resulted from the workshops, internships, external experts etc.

- State of the art of Work packages

- New course implementation: Certification of the New Master Programme, equipment’s update, Selection of students, new Master program implementation

- Organisation of the infoday events/ Special events regarding project dissemination

- Discussions regarding new perspectives of future projects based on GOPELC findings



All partners (P1-P9) are expected to participate.

At least one representative from each university will take part to the meeting. 

Here follows the list of confirmed participants:



Prof. Avram Lazar,

Prof. Catalin Popescu,



Mr. Bassam Kayal,

Prof. Joydeep Dutta,


P3- Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne- France

Prof. Jean-Michel Herri,


P4- Lebanese University- Lebanon

Prof. Rafic Younes, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering,

Prof. Clovis Francis, Director of the Scientific Research Center in Engineering.


P5- Notre Dame University – Lebanon

Dr. Michel Hayek, Dean, Faculty of Engineering,

Dr. Najib Metni, Chairperson, Department of Mechanical Engineering,


P6- University Of Balamand- Lebanon

Dr. Henri El Zakhem, Chairman of Chemical Engineering Department, Henri.Elzakhem@balamand,

Dr. Nissrine El Hassan, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering,


P8- Beirut Arab University- Lebanon

Prof. Soubhi Abou Chahine, Dean of Students Affairs,

Dr. Rami Harkouss, Chairman of the Chemical and Petroleum Eng. Dpt.,


P9-Directorate General of Higher Education- Lebanon

Prof. Marlene Khoury Cordahi,




The 3rd Project Management Board meeting is one of the foreseen management meetings of the GOPELC project (activity 5.2.3).

March 26

09:30 Arrival and Visit of Chemical Engineering labs.

10:30 Opening session:

- Welcome Word from UOB Representative

- A message from the General Director of Higher Education in Lebanon

- PMB Summary by the Project Coordinator (approval of the agenda, minutes and recording of actions)


11:00-12:30 WP2 Development (by Lebanese partners) to report on: 

- Certification of the GOPELC Master Programme  

- Equipment’s update  

- Selection of students 

- Courses implementation , including (a) framework of the master programme, (b) syllabus of each course, (c) time schedule of each course, (d) name and qualifications of the professors of each course, (e) grades to the students for the courses already completed 

- Students internship in EU labs  

- Students internship in Lebanese Universities and companies 

- Master thesis and final exams  


P4 LU 




12:30-14:00: Lunch break


14:00-14:30 WP2 Development (by Lebanese partners)



14:30-15:00 WP2 Development (by European universities) to report on: 

- Students internship in EU labs lessons learned and future opportunities 





15:00-17:00 WP3 Quality control (by P2 KTH) 

- Meetings survey and results

- Workshops survey and results

- Webinars survey and results

- Teaching material review process : Internal and external feedback and reports 

- Teaching material review process: students feedback reports

- Internships evaluation: students feedback reports

- State of the art on the deliverables issued within WP3


March 27


8:30-9:45 WP4 Dissemination and exploitation (by Lebanese partners)

- Dissemination Activities

- Exploitation activities

- Info days

- P4 LU 

- P5 NDU

- P6 UOB

- P8 BAU


Final road show and other dissemination activities at local level by P4 LU

Design and realisation of the project book by P4 LU


9:45-10:15 WP5 Project Management by P1 UPG 

- Overview 

- Instructions for the Final Technical Report 


10:15-10:45 Review and approve the budget to date of the project (by P1 UPG) 

- Review and approve the accounts to date of the project (by P1 UPG)


10:45-11:15 Coffee Break


11:15 -12:00 Discussions regarding new perspectives of future projects based on GOPELC findings

Pr. Chafic Mokbel (Head of the Erasmus+ HEREs in Lebanon and member of the Erasmus+ HEREs advisory committee) from UOB will join the discussion



12:00 End of PMB meeting


12:00-14:00: Lunch



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