Hussein Tassine, fifth year, BE Petroleum Engineering, BAU


It describes the internship I spent at the Asset 6 Muntenia (production site) in Romania. OMV Petrom oil and gas group was in charge for this site, where it is the largest oil and gas group in Southeastern Europe and the main crude oil producer in Romania. The report includes an introduction about the OMV Petrom Company. Then I discuss the production in the Asset 6 Muntenia (production site). The primary recovery there was aided by means of sucker rod pumps, linear rod pumps and Lufkin hydraulic pump, where we visited several sites equipped by these pumps, and we were instructed on how these artificial lift systems work. The secondary recovery was mainly based on water injection, where the complete injection cycle applied in the site was described to us the trainees in Park 41 Bajeasca and Park 3 Dragomiresti. Concerning the tertiary recovery or EOR, we visited the Clayton steam generator where the steam generated by steam generators are transported and distributed by pipelines to steam injectors. We also were given the opportunity to visit several types of parks, the MP-skid park such in Park 260, the automated park, the modernized park such as Park 40 Hulubesti and the old parks, we were shown the working principal in each type of these parks.



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