Patrick Sakr

Training covering the following topics: Well Site Operations, Drilling Bit Technology, Drilling Fluids, Casing, Cementing, Well Control & BOP, Underbalanced Drilling, Directional Drilling, Extended Reach Drilling, Well planning, Well Design, Bottom Hole Assembly, Fishing, Milling, Drilling Optimization, Emergency Response Plan, Standardization. Went onsite to a hammering operation and to a drilling rig performing directional drilling. Design Software have been adapted during this training (Torque and Drag Calculation, MUDPRO, Casing and Tubing Analysis, Well Path…). Technical workshops: MWD & LWD tools at Weatherford - Fishing Tools Inspection & Assembly - Blow Off Preventer Disassembly, Inspection, Assembly and High-Pressure Test.



Alexios Rustom

During the travel the internship was in two different companies in Romania, The first company was in Petrom O.M.V and the second one was in Conpet S.A. In the first company, the process of exploitation and production of oil was introduced, as well as all the processes needed to obtain the best quality of oil required before transportation. On the other hand, the process of transportation and storage of the oil and its derivatives were introduced at Conpet S.A. To note that in both companies, there were continuous visits to the sites of production and pumping stations.


Daniel Abou Rjeily

- Introduced to the process of oil & gas treatment from exploration and production (upstream) till transportation (midstream).

- Acquainted with upstream oil processing sections from classic parks, modernized parks, Park Manifolds, and Metering Point Skids until tank farms.

- Acquainted with tertiary oil recovery methods (water and steam injection) and visited water injection stations and a high-pressure steam power plant.

-Attended workshop about modern oil recovery methods held in UPG.


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