Workshop 1 organisation


WEBINAR #2  organized by KTH

Lecturer: Prof. Joydeep Dutta

Date: Octobre 22, 2017



- Prof. Lazar AVRAM

- Prof. Catalin POPESCU

- Prof. Mihail ALBULESCU

- Assoc. Prof. M.V. BATISTATU (

- Assoc. Prof. Sorin NEACSU (; 

- PhD candidate  Radu IVAN


Assoc, Prof. Nissrine EL HASSAN

Dr. Marie-Nour KAYDOUH


NDU : 

Dr. Elias Feghali, Assistant Professor

LU :

Dr Jean Chamoun

Dr Wael Hamd

Dr Salim Nassreddine


Program :


Solar Photocatalysis for environmental mitigation in oil and gas exploration: Due to depletion of oil reserves across the world, enhanced oil recovery processes are being implemented. During normal extraction of oil, upto 10 liters of high quality water is contaminated with oil and other mineral residues. This can lead to severe environmental pollution of available water and thus new technologies are the need of the hour. Cost-effective treatment of pollutants requires the transformation of hazardous substances into benign forms. Nanotechnology based filters utilizing photocatalytic processes that activate the antimicrobial properties under sunlight are interesting alternative for effective degradation of organics from water. Development of these techniques would make it possible to install delocalized systems with very little capital investment and operation and maintenance costs. In this talk I will introduce environmentally friendly techniques that can be adopted for oil exploration. The talk will introduce semiconductor nanostructures and what happens when the nanostructuers are excited by sunlight. A few examples from our own research work will also eb presented and discussed.


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