Location: Universitatea Petrol si Gaze (UPG), Ploiesti, ROMANIA

Date: January 30 – February 4, 2017

Romanian Leaders: Prof. Catalin POPESCU & Prof. Lazar AVRAM

Lebanese participants:

Lebanese University

  • Dr. Joyce KHEIR
  • Dr. Nelly HOBEIKA
  • Dr. Wael HAMD
  • Dr. Salim NASSREDINE Balamand University
  • Dr. Rima MANNEH
  • Dr. Makram BACHAWATY
  • Dr. Marie-Nour KAYDOUH
  • Dr. Karam JABBOUR Beirut Arab University
  • Dr. Rami HARKOUSS
  • Dr. Mohamad ALI

WORKSHOP 3 SUMMARY REPORT (Ploiesti, January 30 - February 4, 2017) by Joyce KHEIR


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